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Lido Fiori

Coastline (where it’s located the Camping La Palma) characterized by sand dunes and reeds which draw a landscape with high ecological value. The sand dunes have a morphology in continuous evolution that depends on the conditions of the sandy shoreline. Their natural building depends essentially on the direction of the winds that transport and deposit sand and special plants (Psamofite) .The dunes protect inland from salt and wind, representing an effective protective barrier for environments behind, in addiction they are a typical environment of the uncontaminated coasts of the Mediterranean.


It 'an area of ​​outstanding natural value. Bordered by vineyards and with the “Female Dead” torrent. There is a lush vegetation of palms and sea lily (protected species). The secluded beach is also home to many animal species such as sea turtles and turtle marsh. The beach situated between the hill "Capparina" and the mouth of the "river Carboj" is characterized by the presence of small white pebbles that cover the beach until the foreshore. Sand dunes, white stones, Mediterranean vegetation and the neighboring grove of acacia trees draw a landscape of outstanding natural and scenic value.

Lido Fiori

Porto Palo

Ancient and picturesque fishing village, stands at the center of a wide gulf. Its harbor is ideal and safe for docking of small fishing and pleasure boats; it was an ancient port of the nearby Selinunte. Testimony of such trading traffic are the underwater findings and in particular a shipwreck of a honorary Roman boat wrecked between the second and first century A.C. near of the present ponente wharf. The watchtower stands always impressive from the top of the hill, overlooking a breathtaking view.

It was built in 1583 on the promontory, behind which every night the hot Sicilian sun set, offering breathtaking sunsets. The coast is clear and fine sand and concentrate the few beach resorts of the area, leaving the rest for free access to the beaches.

Porto Palo

ON TRACKS OF TURTLE "Caretta Caretta"

Departure and arrival: Camping "La Palma" - LidoFiori.
Track length: walking about 600 m.
Journey time: about 50 min. A / R.

From Camping "La Palma" walk on the beach to the mouth of Cavaretto torrent. The walk takes place in an extremely quiet coastal environment where, not surprisingly, still today the sea turtle Caretta Caretta is to lay eggs. On the sand, you can observe the typical dune vegetation characterized mainly by the presence of fragrant Lily marine, Calcatreppola, Eringio, Violaciocca and medical grass.

The clay hill which is located in the left is becoming more and more green for the presence of a dense vegetation where the predominant palmetto, from which still now, although in smaller quantities, the young leaves are taken to be worked by skilled hands obtaining items of particular value and use, such as baskets of different sizes, brooms, mats, rugs and other.

Near to the Palmetto you will find Teucrio, Wild Ginestra, Asparagus, Olivastro, Lentisco, Euphorbia arborescens and various Orchids.

The “Female Dead” torrent, that you will meet at the end of the route, sign the limit to the green hill and it’s a very small but interesting wetland dominated by swamp cane, the Tamerice, the Tifa, the Giunco Pungente, whose stems are used by the artisans of Memphis to obtain baskets where the shepherds will make ricotta cheese and cheese to dry.
The torrent is the natural habitat of the marsh turtle. You can go back or continue over the torrent and discover the wild coast of Contrada "Bertolino" with its white pebbles and notice the rare Limonio and Yellow Poppy.

Sulle traccie della tartaruga "Caretta caretta"

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